I Love Numbers is a financial dashboard application for QuickBooks Online users. It’s beautiful. It’s automated. We give you the most important financial metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) in an easy to read and understand format.

We started with a vision to give business owners a scorecard of financial KPIs directly from their QuickBooks Online data so they could easily gauge how their business was performing - green good, red bad. We quickly realized we could use some machine learning and provide a formula of corrective action - a prescription for your business.

To date, we have made a beta version with financial KPIs, securely pulling data right out of your QuickBooks Online. Even better, it’s FREE for beta users. We’ll give you some of the most important financial metrics in an easy to understand format.

How It Works

I Love Numbers is a business intelligence system that collects data from QuickBooks Online giving business owners the key performance indicators (KPI) they need to make better business decisions. No more manual data entry and reports that cannot be deciphered by you and your team. In the future, you’ll be able to track goals, detect trends, create reports. What else would you like to see included? We are dying to hear back from our fans hello@ilovenumbers.com!

We Are QuickBooks Focused

I Love Numbers currently only works with QuickBooks Online only. You know what that means? We are focused on one user, one software, making us the absolute best dashboard companion for QuickBooks Online users!

Better Visibility Better Decisions

Instant dashboards allow business owners to have better visibility. Instead of wasting time having employees capture data in spreadsheets, we automatically capture that data for you. You can see your entire financial picture at a glance. You’ll have the data you need to make better decisions.

But We’ll Need Your Help

This is a BETA version of our product. We have plans to add on all kinds of cool features such as benchmarking, goals, budgets, advanced reports, and prescriptive analytics. Before we invest in new cool features and tools, we need to hear from our users to what they would like added and help us prioritize upcoming enhancements What is working? What is not working? What do you need to see for you business? What kind of cool features would you love to use? How we can make it better? We are also currently raising funds for future development, marketing, and cool features.


Beautiful reports and dashboard

Real scorecard, real data, real time

Reports that tell you how your business is doing

Easy to read and analyze

Simple, easy to use

Toggle between time frames

Order your list of KPI based on importance

Turn on/off most important KPIs

Invest in

If you’re interested in helping fund our product, please email us at invest@ilovenumbers.com

Can’t wait to see it? Try the FREE version today!